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Tuesday 19th March 2019

Hats, Gloves & Scarves

Most people think of football when knitted scarves are mentioned. But any outdoor team event can cash in on the popularity of a knitted scarf.

In fact our minimums are so low that we could kit out a single team with a custom knitted scarf!

Add an embroidered beenie or bronx hat and gloves branded with our new mini appliqué for the complete set.


We have a massive range of hat styles which can be seen in our online catalogue by clicking the link below.

See our online hat catalogue.

Type Minimum
18 x 145 cms Jacquard Scarves 50
Beenie or Bronx Hats 50

Example Hats, Gloves & Scarves

Dye Printed Scarves & Squares
Grimsby Hat, Scarf & Gloves
GTFC Gloves
Beanie Hats
Dye Printed Ties
Woven Ties
Ankle sock woven
Ankle sock woven detail

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