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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Hatton Textiles gets active!!

Summer must be in the air for Exeter based towel manufacturer Hatton Textiles International Ltd.
Research into the use of towels in sport has inspired each of the team to take up a variety of challenges, from abseiling in the local city centre to marathons, football tournaments and triathlons.

Sales Manager Richard King, says ‘ during our sales meetings we have spent a lot of time looking at ideas of how to get involved in community or charitable projects, as well as looking into new markets for our core product- towels. It became apparent that we all had different ideas to each other as to which markets to develop and which charities to support, so the answer became obvious—do what you are best at!’ With a market place that extends to every sport and type of event, from golf to boxing, rugby to Crufts every sport and activity seems to use a towel, and as Hatton Textiles are one of the few companies in the UK to produce woven and printed towels the choices were endless.

Subsequently Amanda has landed from a treacherous Abseil from the roof of the local Marks and Spencer’s in aid of the West of England School for the blind. Having agreed to enter another abseil Amanda’s immediate response was ‘I did it….my photo’s will show that I was totally bricking it on the first step off the top- but by the second picture I thought I was one of the SAS crack team and had to try and beat the FAKE SPIDERMAN’

Sarah has run the gruelling Maltese Marathon whilst Helping Heroes and although the photo gives the impression of a confident fit competitor Sarah says ‘My pain was hidden as I was overwhelmed remembering the reason I was running the race – in support of the service men and women wounded in the line of duty – my pain could be nothing in comparison. It is an amazing feeling to complete this challenge and I am now preparing for another, perhaps the London marathon which has always been my dream race’

Both Robin and Richard have registered for their chosen events, a football weekend corporate challenge and a triathlon with the tournament and race taking place later in the summer, as yet for undecided charities. In the meantime there is a competition between the 2 boys to the most weight during the month of April.

Managing Director Robin Lyon-Smith goes on to say, ‘as a business we are keen to support our staff and to give something back to our community, however it is a fraught decision as to what to do for the best. In the meantime whilst I am fighting fit it is only fair that I support Richard in his weight loss prior to his triathlon. My chosen sport, football, keeps me in trim from weekly games, whilst allowing me to network for the business as well!’

Richard concludes, ‘all joking apart we have noticed a different buzz in the office since beginning this campaign. By focussing on some objectives we get to understand the needs of several target markets, in this case the sport and event industries. This has enabled us to gain new business, and to strengthen Hatton Textiles opportunities for growth in the future. The added bonus is that all the while we are benefitting, we are also putting something back into our preferred causes as well’.

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