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Monday 30th March 2020


Since 1984 Hatton Textiles International Ltd have been designing and producing towels and textile accessories for many of the worlds best known Private Labels and promotional brands.

Most households, and indeed most people have their favourite towel whether it be for the beach, bathroom or gym. Hats, T-shirts and scarves are worn week in and week out, on shopping trips, to sports events and a wide variety of other leisure activities.

Our products offer you the opportunity to present your brand in a clear and positive manner on garments that will both appeal to both shopper and supporter and be coveted by those who see them.

Hatton Textiles International work only with manufacturing partners who can adhere to our strict policies on producing quality items that can be used and worn extensively, thus ensuring that your products and brands are visible for years to come.

Whether you are buying 100 towels or 20,000 garments, our design team, policies and partners will ensure that we deliver a product that achieves your objectives in terms of value, quality and desirability.

Our belief in looking after the planet on which we live has always been paramount to our decisions on who we choose to work with, how we work with them and our transportation policies. Going forward we are embracing new technologies, fabrics and manufacturing processes to further reduce our impact on our most important resource—the Earth.


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